Clasen Quality Chocolate Cottage Grove and Watertown, WI

Clasen Quality Chocolate (CQC), a manufacturer of chocolate and confectionary coatings, has chosen Maas Brothers multiple times for construction projects as its operations expand. Maas Brothers first served as construction manager of CQC’s 78,000 sq. ft. facility in Watertown, WI, in 2006. Since then, CQC has returned to Maas Brothers for construction management and general contracting services on many projects. To date, we’ve managed construction on a total of 727,000 sq. ft. for CQC in Watertown, along with 35,000 sq. ft. in Cottage Grove, WI, and several other construction projects at locations around southern Wisconsin.

For each new construction or addition project, we work with CQC on conceptual budgeting, bidding, construction phase services and project closeout. For these projects, Maas Brothers typically self-performs concrete foundation and carpentry work.

Construction for food production industry clients like Clasen Quality Chocolate creates unique challenges not found in other construction environments. Maas Brothers has years of experience constructing food production facilities, where food quality and safety are critical. We are well-versed in coordinating construction projects to consider food safety and quality factors such as dust control, good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and more.

Maas Brothers values our long-term relationship with Clasen Quality Chocolate and we are proud to be their choice for construction management and general contracting.