Regardless of your preferred project delivery method, construction management, design/build, general contracting or if you just need some facility maintenance construction work, our company provides a suite of pre-construction, construction, post-construction and self-performed services.

Pre-Construction Services

Every successful construction project begins with a plan. We work together with you, the architectural design team, and consulting engineers to create a roadmap to project success. This spirit of teamwork, cooperation and trust sets the stage for a positive experience.

Pre-Construction Services Include:

  • Consult on design team selection, if necessary
  • Assist design team
  • Assist in total project coordination
  • Evaluate preliminary plan and prepare cost estimate
  • Develop preliminary schedule
  • Assist with soliciting and pre-qualifying potential bidders
  • Conduct pre-bid and pre-construction meetings

Construction Phase Services

We manage all the details of construction, from scheduling to safety to reconciling the final punch list. That means you can stay focused on the day-to-day aspects of running your organization.

Construction Phase Services Include:

  • On-site full-time Project Superintendent works closely with Project Manager for top efficiency and communication
  • Schedule trade work and material delivery
  • Coordinate material storage and other project logistics with the owner
  • Inspect and supervise all work to assure a high quality standard
  • Implement a project safety program
  • Conduct job meetings
  • Review shop drawings and submittals
  • Approve payments to subcontractors and suppliers
  • Reconcile punch list and close out project

Post-Construction Services

Even after construction is complete, we don’t consider our job “done.” We make sure you’re completely familiar with—and comfortable in—your new facility. That means we assist in developing occupancy plans, managing the building turnover process, and educating your team in maintenance and operations of the new building.

Post-Construction Services include:

  • Assist in developing occupancy plans and schedules
  • Transfer operational responsibility to the owner, including check out of utilities, equipment and operational systems.
  • Summarize project expenditures for informational, audit, and certification purposes.
  • Supervise guarantee program, including overseeing any needed corrections, for one year.
  • Monitor receipt of documents, including operations manuals, affidavits, as-built drawings, permits, and other required documents.
  • Process final payments and make sure lien release certifications are received.
  • Manage building turnover process, including educating the owner’s personnel in building maintenance and operations.

Self-Performed Services

At Maas Brothers we maintain our own crew of tradespersons; our carpenters, cement finishers and laborers have experience working on all project types in all the various industries we serve. Our teams understand the nuances and complexities of new construction or remodel work; plus, we understand the urgency and problem solving required to address any facility maintenance construction need for your operation.

We self-perform the following work:

Self-Performed Services include:

  • Concrete Footings and Foundation
  • Concrete Flatwork
  • Rough Carpentry
  • Finished Carpentry
  • Various Specialties